Summer 2013


I, Robot

Children with autism relate to Maja Matarić’s ’bots

3 min readScience/Technology
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Students in USC’s Social Innovation Design Lab are learning to use design thinking to solve challenges and find new opportunities. Photo by Alicia Di Rado

Designs on Social Change

Creativity can combine with business principles to solve societal challenges—and turn a profit.

6 min readArts, Social Impact
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President Barack Obama presents Solomon Golomb with the National Medal of Science at an awards ceremony held at the White House. Photo by Ryan K. Morris, National Science & Technology Medals Foundation

Busy Signals

The National Medal of Science recognizes Solomon Golomb’s many contributions to communications technology.

3 min readScience/Technology
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©Gary Waters/Ikon Images/Corbis

Meeting of the Minds

Right Brain, this is Left Brain. Scott Fraser’s happy to make the introduction.

5 min readScience/Technology
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Fresh Air

Targeted therapies and other advances create new hope for lung cancer patients.

5 min readHealth, Science/Technology
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©Blake Little/Getty Images

Neurodiversity and the University

Students, alumni and faculty on the autism spectrum show they have a place in the university.

7 min readScience/Technology
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Society’s most prominent public figures, such as Lady Gaga and Justin Bieber, can now take their unfiltered messages directly to the people through Twitter, leaving mainstream media to play catch-up. Illustration by Dongyi Wu

Number Crunchers

Ninety percent of the world’s data was created in the last two years. What we do with it will change the future.

9 min readScience/Technology
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Bryan Singer. (Photo by David James)

From X-Men to an Expansive Cinematic Gift

Bryan Singer embraces the division where he made his start in film.

2 min readArts
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Director Erica Muhl, left, and music industry giants Jimmy Iovine and Dr. Dre (Andre Young) with USC President C. L. Max Nikias. Photo by Steve Cohn President's Page

Art, Industry and Entrepreneurship: A Landmark USC Moment

We will prepare stellar artists to be effective entrepreneurs and singular businesspersons to be great artists.

3 min readArts, Business, University, Design, Entrepreneurship, President's Page
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Camptosaurus illustration courtesy of Stephanie Abramowicz and The Natural History Museum of Los Angeles County

Dinosaur Depicter

A talented USC Roski alumna brings the prehistoric Mesozoic Era to life.

3 min readArts
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Sumner Redstone. (Photo by Steve Cohn)

Students’ First Steps in Film

Sumner Redstone’s $10 million gift supports a creative space for budding filmmakers.

2 min readArts
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John Sandoval ’12 is flanked by his parents, Jose and Sonia Sandoval. Photo by Vanessa Preziose

Unlocking True Potential

Support from Latino alumni boosts future generations of Trojans.

4 min read
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